Comment from: Guter Stecher
Guter Stecher

I don’t like censored Japanes adult videos, but it seems the censorships gets less aggressive compared to some years ago. The moaning and pounding sounds on the videos are genuine. I was missing gravure images, but I guess they can be gotten at another site. Thanks for the review. It helped me to know what I would expect. As such it was spot on.

10/21/16 @ 02:48 pm
Comment from: Milky Discharge
Milky Discharge

I have no problem with the pixilation as the women are so beautiful, and very genuine emotionally (and, man, do they come - often many times).
The weakest aspect are the guys: all homely with little, shriveled dicks. It gives the vids an unreal air.
Also, if you think Asian girls can’t be curvy, you need to check out Julia or Hitomi Tanaka. Amazing!

02/11/17 @ 01:06 am
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