This site is ok when it works :/
The stream is so f%##ing choppy. ever two seconds,the loading symbol pops up! this is the most annoying thing ever! You cant watch any movies. I have had access over 2 months now and have only experienced 1 time where the all the movies have played. Mind you, I have a very fast internet gaming connection so I know that it is not on my end. Overall, the content is great if you can get it to play. Otherwise, I would rather get a refund and go elsewhere, even if it means sensored material…

01/05/14 @ 07:21 pm

I have made a huge mistakes by signing up a year membership… cos i cant play any of the videos at all after signing in. it sucks! keep loading all the way and just wont play.
already asking for a full refund !

05/12/14 @ 04:37 am
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