Comment from: Nikko

I feel so sorry and a lot of pitty for those Thai prostitutes. I mean, they are forced to sell their petite Thai bodies for sex because of poverty and debt. It’s so humiliating for them to work as Thai whores, but to exploit them by videofilming and publishing their sexacts on websites is totally inhumane. I mean, they are depicted as sex slaves and poor women who can hardly defend themselves. I don’t think wesites like Asian Apples Seeds should find any publicity at all and should be barred from the internet.

05/31/09 @ 05:20 pm
Comment from: Onkio

I have visited Thailand a few times and seen those chicks dancing bare naked in agogo joints. I had the idea they would do anything for money - after all they work in bars because they want to work as prostitutes. It’s easy money and a sex customers pays more than a month of hard work in a factory. It’s their own fault to play in such movies and I can’t blame the producers for shooting them as they do. Bizarre porn movies are shot in Europe a lot, why not with Thai hookers. It’s interesting to see that site and observe the slut type fetish kink. It’s a nice fantasy to tell a whore what to do rather than to ask them to do what they like. I think it’s called role play. To bad Apple Seed is so expensive.

08/31/09 @ 04:46 am
Comment from: Pinoy Pride
Pinoy Pride

Thai girls are really pretty :) I definitely enjoyed reading your insights and learning from your blogsite. Thank you for sharing such an interesting and informative article. - Pinoy Pride

01/22/10 @ 10:01 am
Comment from: The Seeker
The Seeker

Loving thai girls. I am a little more partial to a classy look though. Some of that off-the-wall stuff is a little wild for me.

01/28/10 @ 10:36 am
Comment from: Wai

I just seen the previews of the Asian Appleseed-site, but I think the guy in charge of this is a fucking asshole!
I been to Thailand quite a few times, and seen the girls and all, but I NEVER EVER felt like humiliating them in ANY way!
These girls are really nice, polite and as friendly as U can get anyone. yes they are prostitutes and yes they are willing to quite a few weird things for the price of a few beers in a european bar, but whats wrong in showing some respect?
One day he will cross the wrong girl, and get his ass kicked…

09/27/10 @ 08:48 am
Comment from: Lora

OMG! this is so humiliating why should a girl..accept to be photographed with “SLUT” on top.. Anyhow this girls seem like they know what they are doing..and love it! :))

11/29/10 @ 03:23 am
Comment from: Rikki Dicky
Rikki Dicky

I think those girls don’t know how to read English. It’s bottom feeder, only. Sex is possibly the only thing they can make money with. God, bless them. We need more :-)

12/23/10 @ 03:21 am
Comment from: SEO Outsourcing
SEO Outsourcing

Jesus!! this is awful.. It’s not only about degrading their image..they ruin the image of women all around the World. I really can’t understand what they are thinking when they make something like this.

01/17/11 @ 04:49 am
Comment from: Tina

This is so bad! Awful and degrading. A woman has the right to do whatever she likes in this life, but stop showing off ladies! This is not something to be proud with!

02/17/11 @ 04:45 am
Comment from: Ricardo Templetos
Ricardo Templetos

Raw and dirty porn, I love it. Those mistresses are a bit rough for my taste and I like it more romantic. However, I think you have a better experience with them when in charge. They exploit romantic punters as weak food. After all it’s true what’s written on her forehead: Slut!

06/08/13 @ 09:55 am
Comment from:
Malibog Pokpok

AAS is temporarily offline. They are fighting technical problems.
EDIT: they are back online with an older website version.

03/20/14 @ 12:49 am
Comment from:
Malibog Pokpok

Bad news. After constant issues with their hosting and ancient design, AAS has ceased operation, finally. Old members may still login, but new guests are deported to another website of poor content.

07/26/14 @ 04:41 am
Comment from: BKK

With all the pretty girls in Thailand, this guy seems to only find the ugly, disgusting ones. The site is garbage and the sex scenes are even worse.

10/05/14 @ 02:35 am
D. Spainsh

Lets get Ivy Lai of Kuantan trapped and sold to Bangkok like the Appleseed girls. Work as a cheap prostitute degraded, humiliated and tortured for her customers’ gratification.

12/08/14 @ 10:18 pm
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