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Do you remember the good old times when one-night stands brought a charger and their Nokia mobile phone to the bed. The phone would ring all night. Friends and family texting and asking for a call back. Request to put the phone in silent mode were simply ignored. Well, no time for sleep. Let's have sex all night and then again in the morning. This curly Viasayan amateur was one of the best kittens between sheets. She was a true sex machine and her dancing skills matched those in the bed.
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It's romantic to have your Filipino girlfriend from Leyte be home and naked on the bed. But what happens when her cellphone branded by Nokia rings? No, she is not going to use it's vibration alarm for masturbation. She is going to talk and talk and talk. It's the best time to make nude photos while she is doing Chika Chika. Romantic looks, but the best moments were always when "low bat" was on her lips.

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